Girlfriends for EVER

Pirate Girl HOPE (born 5.16, sterilized) and Top Model Mystic (born 5.16, sterilized) – ready to board! Although STERILA means TNR, we just had to help HOPE in Jan17 with an eye operation. She recovered super well and turned into the sweetest, most wonderful and attached cat lady you can imagine. Stunning, gorgeous Mystic was found with a broken jaw. We simply had to give her a second chance! She too recovered well, the surgery mouth clip is long gone. Mystic is graceful like a queen, calm, a little withdrawn and shy, always observing all quietly. These unlike ladies were rehab neighbours and immediately clicked, to our very own surprise! Such wonderful Girlfriends! So, BIG JOYYYYY when our dream team got tickets together for a foster home in Spring! All papers ready, all vaccinations done, but then... BIG BLAAAAAACK HOLE when Hope was tested Felv positive. We tested again! Same devastating result! But how can this be? She and Mystic shared pillows for months!!!! Mystic and all other rehab cats were tested negative?! Hope has zero symptoms. She is 100% healthy. We talked to experts and learnt, that some cats are perfect despite of it. That they will not transmit the virus. That they have the same great chances for a good life and old age. We will test Hope again and again! Coz, we also learnt, that some show pos-neg-pos-neg results etc. However, ONE THING is for SURE: We will never separate our wonderful Girlfriends! We are therefore veryyyyyyyyy much looking for a loving forever home (without other cats). A safe balcony would be great (but no outdoor roaming; they don’t know that). If our dream team of Beauty and WildLooks have touched your heart, then please do contact for more details. We love to be in touch with YOU

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