Sterilization is the only solution

Action 1

STERILA prevents thousands of undesired cats from being born

Action 2

Organizes the spaying (♀) and neutering (♂) of stray cats on Santorini

Action 3

Promotes TNR-actions (Trap-Neuter- Return)

Action 4

Reduces massive overpopulation of cats

Action 5

Helps cats have better, healthier lives (food, sterilization, deworming, etc.)

Action 6

Reimburses everyone on Santorini 100% for spay/neuter costs of stray cats

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

is the only method to be proven humane and effective in controlling free-roaming cat population growth


After adequate preparation (feeding points, etc.), colony cats are trapped using humane traps


The captured cats are brought to a partner vet. STERILA's TNR programm also includes deworming, etc.


After recovery from surgery, STERILA returns the feral cats to where they where trapped and supplies them with ongoing access to food and water

STOP the suffering of Santorini’s cats

STERILA unites all forces

  • We welcome everybody on Santorini and abroad to fight the vicious cycle
  • We invite everybody to help reduce the immeasurable suffering of cats
  • Our partners are veterinarians, SAWA, cat lovers/feeders, visitors, etc.
  • We promote local hotels/restaurants/shops which sterilize their cats
  • We need STERILA mission mates: please contact us


Homeless cats have a cruel, torturous life: abandoned, hungry, ill, injured, mistreated and abused.

Santorini’s stray cats often end up being killed, poisoned, drowned or dumped alive.

Sterilized cats have better and healthier lives

  • Less emaciated, sick male and female cats transmitting sexual and other diseases
  • Less mammary tumours and heat cycles for female cats; less unwanted, disposed of kittens
  • Less wandering, less accident/fight injuries; less meowing/spraying/noise

Cheer up when you detect an ear-clipped (EC) cat!

  • The ear clipping is the only possibility to clearly/quickly recognize a neutered cat from a distance
  • It saves cats from (re-)operations and unnecessary stress (capturing)
  • The clipping takes place under anesthesia (when neutering); it is painless and has no impact either on the behavior of the cat or the ear function
  • It is internationally accepted as a sign for neutered/spayed cats