Don't kill, just sterilize

Action 1

STERILA prevents thousands of undesired cats from being born

Action 2

Organizes the spaying (♀) and neutering (♂) of stray cats on Santorini

Action 3

Promotes TNR-actions (Trap-Neuter- Return)

Action 4

Reduces massive overpopulation of cats

Action 5

Helps cats have better, healthier lives (food, sterilization, deworming, etc.)

Action 6

Reimburses everyone on Santorini 50% for spay/neuter costs of stray cats

STOP the suffering of Santorini’s cats

STERILA unites all forces

  • We welcome everybody on Santorini and abroad to fight the vicious cycle
  • We invite everybody to help reduce the immeasurable suffering of cats
  • Our partners are veterinarians, SAWA, cat lovers/feeders, visitors, etc.
  • We promote local hotels/restaurants/shops which sterilize their cats
  • We need STERILA mission mates: please contact us


Homeless cats have a cruel, torturous life: abandoned, hungry, ill, injured, mistreated and abused.

Santorini’s stray cats often end up being killed, poisoned, drowned or dumped alive.

Sterilized cats have better and healthier lives

  • Less emaciated, sick male and female cats transmitting sexual and other diseases
  • Less mammary tumours and heat cycles for female cats; less unwanted, disposed of kittens
  • Less wandering, less accident/fight injuries; less meowing/spraying/noise

Cheer up when you detect an ear-clipped (EC) cat!

  • The ear clipping is the only possibility to clearly/quickly recognize a neutered cat from a distance
  • It saves cats from (re-)operations and unnecessary stress (capturing)
  • The clipping takes place under anesthesia (when neutering); it is painless and has no impact either on the behavior of the cat or the ear function
  • It is internationally accepted as a sign for neutered/spayed cats
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