Welcome, dear friend of small felines !

Ever wonder whether to feed the skinny cat begging you below the restaurant table? Feel pity sometimes? Looking at the rashes, the teary eyes, the emaciated body, and knowing about them getting poisoned at the end of the season, hunted by dogs, forever pregnant…

Us too! We had to act.

We became STERILA. We are growing! We invite all locals and foreign visitors to help us stop the unspeakable suffering Santorini’s cats are exposed to...

It takes only 3 measures to reduce the massive plight of ill, homeless cats:

  • Water
  • Feeding Points
  • Sterilization

We have a Dream

That these 3 measures are administered one day! That these 3 simple things have become normal and are there for our feline friends. That one day, Santorini will have less and healthier strays! Above all: That there will be many EC cats!

Sitting in a local tavern you are facing the breathtaking caldera view, and below your table... your heart jumps with joy! An EC cat! A cat with a clipped ear – the international sign of sterilization.

For emergencies

  • Switzerland:
    +41 79 243 10 12
    SMS or WhatsApp us / We call back ASAP
  • Santorini:
    +30 693 724 20 53
    STERILA HQ: call/SMS/WhatsApp us
  • e-mail:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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