Enjoying your vacation but can't help to think about the hungry stray cat under your table...


Did you know an estimated 14,000 cats die on the streets of Santorini each year? Deaths are caused by hunger, sickness, abuse, poison, and even hunted by dogs...


STERILA was founded on November 2016 by a local hotel owner and crying tourist to raise awareness and help end the suffering of cats on the island. As of 2023, we have sterilized over 4,000 cats and assisted around 600 adoptions but this is just the beginning of a long battle with the overpopulation of suffering stray cats!

We invite all locals and foreign visitors to help us stop the unspeakable suffering Santorini’s cats are exposed to...

It takes only 3 measures to reduce the massive plight of ill, homeless cats:

  • Water
  • Feeding Points
  • Sterilization

We have a Dream

That these 3 measures are administered and Santorini will have less and healthier strays! Above all: That there will be many EC cats!

Sitting in a local tavern you are facing the breathtaking caldera view, and below your table... your heart jumps with joy! A cat with a clipped ear – the international sign of sterilization.