Big Time Player Noah (boy, born 5.17, to be sterilized) – READY to travel Although STERILA means TNR, we cannot drive one when seeing a completely lost, tiny little kitten all alone jumping from underneath one after ...

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Safari RESCUE? – our very special Cheetah boy Jasonas (boy, born 5.17, to be sterilized) – READY to travel Just look at him! What a patternJ Well, not found in Africa but on the jammed streets of Thira! He was such a little baby boy and would have died without our help. What can we do! We spoiled him with ...

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Girlfriends for EVER

Girlfriends for EVER: Pirate Girl HOPE (born 5.16, sterilized) and Top Model Mystic (born 5.16, sterilized) – ready to board! Although STERILA means TNR, we just had to help HOPE in Jan17 with an eye operation. She recovered super well and turned into the sweetest, most wonderful and attached ...

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Are you sure you can do whatever it takes to make this Santorini cat feel good somewhere else?

  • How about the integration with other cats?
  • What if “your” Santorini cat is FIV+ (cat “aids”)?
  • REMEMBER: To dump a Santorini cat in a shelter in your country is never ever an option!

21-day waiting period from the vet visit till flying out “your” cat

  • Where will the cat spend those 21 mandatory waiting days between the vet check (vaccinations, etc. for the EU pet passport/travel papers) and the earliest possible travel day?
  • What if “your” Santorini cat is FIV+ (cat “aids”)?
  • How will the cat feel during that period of time? Will she or he make it?

What if the vet check shows a contagious disease (FIV, etc.)? You have started to get involved; now you have to decide for either

  • Adoption
  • Return
  • Euthanasia

Still want to take a cat home?

Contact us at STERILA or our partner vets: There are so many cats and kittens (found in bins, etc.) who cannot be returned to the streets of Santorini! Adoption is their only chance! REMEMBER: There is no cat shelter on Santorini (not yet – STERILA-pipeline project).

Knowing what it takes, you don’t want to adopt a cat. You don’t want to carry out a sterilization mission yourself. But you do want to help cats?

Thank you – we love you! Never give up! There are many ways of helping the cats of Santorini. Join us – STERILA welcomes you with a bittersweet meow.

You absolutely want to take “your” cat home (instead of a cat or kitten in need?)

  1. Get a transportation box (pet shops)
  2. Get an appointment with a vet (preferably in the evening)
  3. Organize a home for the cat for the 21-day waiting period
  4. Organize the transfer (taxi, etc.) to the vet
  5. Catch the cat – cover the box – minimize the captivity time to the max
  6. If bringing a cat to the vet, do it at the beginning of your stay on Santorini!
  7. Visit the cat daily at the vet, at the foster home, etc.
  8. Worst case: contact STERILA HQ!
  9. Organize the pickup/fly out of the cat – register “pet in cabin” with your airline
  10. Get the required soft box for transportation of pets in cabin and flat diapers for big kids
  11. We recommend Zylkene natural pet tablets as of 3 days before departure
  12. Organize the smoothest transfer(s) possible for the cat to arrive at HOME
  13. Know all about a perfect cat home and smart integration (read, get help, prepare well)
  14. Know all about “difficult cats” and the respective solution approaches
  15. Worst case: contact us (we have done it – it is NEVER easy)

By now, you no longer want to take a cat home – but you do want to help a cat and have her/him sterilized?

  • BEWARE: The wild street cat doesn’t come to you! Whereas attached cats may even have some kind of home (locals/foreigners spending many months per year on the island, feeding and sterilizing free-roaming cats; these cats become tame, etc.).
  • Your “sweet” cat might be sterilized already! (without visible tattoo/ear-clipping mark)
  • Avoid an unnecessary operation and stress (capturing/captivity, etc.) in case of doubt!
  • Your “sweet” cat might be pregnant! Females should only be trapped from November till March!
  • LEARNINGS: Trap a clearly unsterilized male cat instead – or leave it!
  • NEVER trap a cat younger than 6 months!
  • Again: Hands off a very tame, attached cat!
  • Prepare and proceed as mentioned above.
  • Be sure to arrange for smart timing: Trap/transfer/sterilization in the evening!
  • Do all this at the beginning of your stay on Santorini!
  • Discuss the timing of release with your vet, depending on the health state of the cat. Make sure that the cat is being released exactly at the very same spot where caught!
  • Above all, do not proceed if you’re running out of time! Don’t proceed if you won’t get a chance to check up on the released cat for at least 3 days in a row (same hours, same feeding point, etc.).
Knowing cats, a lifetime of cats, what is left is a sediment of sorrow quite different from that due to humans: Compounded of pain for their helplessness, of guilt on behalf of us all.
Doris Lessing
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